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Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Jul 12, 2016 805 views

What should I do before graduating college?

The real world (I'm assuming) is definitely different from the college bubble. Before I graduate college, what should I prepare for /expect from the real world? #college #graduate-school

shradha’s Avatar
shradha Jun 24, 2016 808 views

do i have to brush up my drawing skills to become an architecture?

I want to become an architect but my drawing skills are not up to the mark,what do I do? #design #architect #interior #drawing #drawing-skills

Sneha’s Avatar
Sneha Jun 24, 2016 913 views

One of my friend told me that we can earn giod money by blogging. First of all I want to know what Blogging is and then hiw can we mame money through blogging.

I want to know what blogging is. #marketing #online #blogging #ecommerce

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri Jun 02, 2016 706 views

how to become a good teacher?

My ambition is teacher
#doctor #teaching #teacher

Muneeb ’s Avatar
Muneeb Jun 15, 2016 1057 views

I have a deep interest in wildlife photography but i am afraid if I could make up to becoming a good photographer, since my parents are insisting me to join in Engineering. I need a solid explanation to convince them to allow me to pursue photography.Help

I am an 7th grade student and i am confused with the career choices ahead. #engineering #photography #technical-design

Keerthana’s Avatar
Keerthana Jun 07, 2016 682 views

What is the meaning of science to you?

For my school life #doctor #science #teaching

Ya$h’s Avatar
Ya$h Jun 03, 2016 3819 views

What is the average salary of a Marine Biologist???

I want to be a Marine Biologist. #biology #wildlife-biology #usability #financial-planning

Ebince’s Avatar
Ebince Apr 26, 2016 1112 views

How to improve the english grammer?

Hai ! i am Ebince.I am studying 9th standard . English grammar is very important for all student. I like this english grammar. How to understand the english grammar? How to improve my Grammar skills? #teaching #teacher...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 10, 2014 2894 views

what's so great about being a computer programmer?

can someone help me. #computer #help #computer-programming #computer-engineer