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If I take commerce after class 10 what is the opportunities in future

I have confusion #any

Pursuing commerce after the completion of your 10th grade is a good choice. If you join the commerce stream, you can pursue a career in any commerce-related field such as finance, accounting, economics, banking and more. After the completion of 12th grade/2nd PUC in commerce, you can go for a B.Com. degree, where you will be trained in the fundamentals of commerce and its related subjects. CMR University - School of Economics & Commerce, offers Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). For further information, you can visit the website <a href="http://www.cmr.edu.in/programmes/bcom-bachelor-of-commerce/"> Bcom college in bangalore </a>. shreya S.

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7 answers

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Zohra’s Answer


“Commerce is a branch of any business which covers the economical part of the legal, social, political, technological and cultural system”. The name itself defines the field.

Commerce is the choice of a big community of the students. The students, who wish to work in a corporate world, usually select the commerce field in their education and wish to appear the CAT Examination.

If you really want to choose the commerce as your dream career, you should prepare just after the completion of your 10th standard education.
after 12th commerce you can go for following Academic options :

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
Bachelor in Business Management/Administration (BBM/A)
Master of Commerce (M.Com)
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
=> Business
=> Finance
=> Marketing
=> Banking
=> HR
Chartered Accountancy (CA)
Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA)
Company Secretary Program (CS)

Which are the career options available in commerce field?

The commerce is one of the three basic and broad fields of the education. Another two are the Science stream and Arts/Humanities stream. You can join the government sectors or the private sectors.

You can be a part of the corporate world as the analyst, executive, banker, Sr. executive or manager. There are a lot of job opportunities in the commercial field.

You can choose one of the below fields as per the specialization of your degree:

Mathematics and Statistics
Chartered Accountants
Company Secretary
Stock Broking
Agriculture Economics

Hope it cleared out your query :)

Thanks!For wonderfull guidance Priyal S.

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Vivek’s Answer

Hey, You have chosen a fantastic area of study.. Commerce... You can plan your graduation for a B Com degree and for post graduation you can go for M Com and after that go for CA, CS courses that will make your career journey a strong one. Wish you all the best. Thanks,

Thanks after reading this I feel that my first decision is not wrong Nikita S.

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Shetty’s Answer

You have multiple options ranging from MBA, CA,CS courses in addition to the BCom and Mcom. You have multiple options around accountancy, costing and financial management. Go for it and all the best

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Kapil’s Answer


After passing the 12th standard from Commerce stream from recognized board, one may enroll for Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a full time three year degree course.
One can also pursue Postgraduate course (M. Com) in Commerce. For this, one has to successfully passed Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree from a recognized University.
During their course, the students have to study the following branches of Commerce such as Finance, Business Administration, Accountancy, E-Commerce, Economics and Marketing.

Courses Available after 12th Commerce

Chartered Accountancy
Company Secretary
Foreign Trade
Stock Broking & Investment Analyst

Career Options in Commerce

Accountant Executive
Chartered Accountant
Company secretary
Cost Accountant
Finance Analyst
Finance Planner
Finance Manager
Finance Controller
Finance Consultant
Investment Analyst
Stock Broker
Portfolio Manager
Tax Auditor
Tax Consultant

Job Opportunity in Commerce

More or less, all the organisations have financial managers, treasurers, controller, credit manager, and other financial staff who made their financial reports for tax and other requirements. The employment opportunities in commerce fields are lucrative. The door of both private and public organisation is open for commerce graduates. They may work in this organisation as Manager, Auditors, Specialist, Consultant, Management Executive, Account Executive, Junior Accountant, CA, Book Keeper, Entrepreneur etc. The importance of commerce graduates further increases after sea changes in various parameters of Indian Economy like bank deposits, mutual funds, stock markets, venture capital, insurance schemes and portfolio management. Teaching may also be one of the options after pursuing higher studies.

Main Employers

Public Organisations
Big Business houses/firms
Small Business houses,firms
Finance and Leasing
Software industry, etc.

Colleges offers Commerce Courses

There are many colleges and Institutes, which are offering commerce degrees. Here given the list of some of the top 10 Commerce Institutions in India.

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi
Loyola College, Chennai
St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
Presidency College, Chennai
Symbiosis Society’s College of Arts & Commerce, Pune
St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai
BM College of Commerce, Pune
St. Xavier’s Mumbai
College of Commerce, Patna

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sumeet’s Answer

There are a number of career options for you if you choose to opt for commerce after 10th
1 Actuarial science (it's all about maths)
2 Chartered Accountancy (CA)
7 Do maths honors and go in teaching line
Best of luck :)

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Aashish’s Answer

There's a whole world of opportunities . Few Qualifications : MBA / CA / CWA / CS / Bachelor in Commerce / Economics etc
please note there are huge career potentials for the same

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kinjalk’s Answer

Hi Gouhara,

There are already a lot of good answers available in this thread. For more details you can visit :-

Career in Commerce