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How do I become a computer engineer?

Updated Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Hi i am nandhini i am studying in 10 standard my career computer engineer my question is how to become the computer engineer? #computer-software #engineering #computer-software #computer-engineering #computer-hardware #software-engineering

2 answers

Sudha’s Answer

Hi Nandini, I am a computer science engineer myself from Bangalore - so can relate to your question. 9th grade is a great time to start seriously pondering about career choices. Your focus should be in Math and Science; especially PCM. Start working out extra math problems and preparing for extra science questions to get through the state level exams. If you have access to a computer, you can take online courses in programming for free. There are many different types of programming. Explore the options and wish you good luck. Persevere and stay focused and you will get there.

Ju-Hyoung’s Answer

Updated Redmond, Washington
Nandhini, I am glad to provide the information about being a software engineer. I can tell you some basic information of being Software engineer in US since you post this question in both area. I am not sure how old you are but assume you might be a high school student. First, you will achieve high score on Computer or Engineering related high school curriculum, which is important for your college entrance. Science and/or Eng related classes are important items for the first judgement of your potential. When you complete the college courses for computer science or computer engineering, you will start journey of being a software engineer. You could do another ways like working on MIS, EE or CS minor in college and spend more time on Computer Science. You will develop your skill sets in certain area like Linux or Windows administration, programming languages (C++, C#, Python, or others), SQL, R or other data management. In future, we will work on ML(Machine language) and AI (Python will cover) You can apply to software engineer position based on your preference or skill sets. The first job should be that difficult but you should show your potential and eagerness to the employer. Or, if you have some skills, then apply to the contract position and prove your skillsets to the employer. Sometimes they convert the contractors to full-time employee. if you need more question, we can discuss here or contact me. Good luck!