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How do I become a computer engineer?

Hi i am nandhini i am studying in 10 standard my career computer engineer my question is how to become the computer engineer? #computer-software #engineering #computer-software #computer-engineering #computer-hardware #software-engineering

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3 answers

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savitha’s Answer

Hai nandini,
I appreciate your question and want to know about to become a computer engineer. prepare well for your board exams. join bachelors in computer engineering. side by study more computer languages like c, c++, java ,python. these are the basic languages. apart from all you should score more % to get good engg colleges. all the best for your future..

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Sudha’s Answer

Hi Nandini, I am a computer science engineer myself from Bangalore - so can relate to your question. 9th grade is a great time to start seriously pondering about career choices. Your focus should be in Math and Science; especially PCM. Start working out extra math problems and preparing for extra science questions to get through the state level exams. If you have access to a computer, you can take online courses in programming for free. There are many different types of programming. Explore the options and wish you good luck. Persevere and stay focused and you will get there.

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Kaustubh’s Answer

Hi Nandhini!

So if you want to become a computer engineer, you have to get into a good engineering college! The best path to take for you, since you are in 10th, is to take up Science in plus 2/PU, along with Computer science, most PU colleges and CBSE schools offer Physics, Chemistry and Math along with Computer Science. It is advisable to join a coaching class to help you prepare for entrance examinations of engineering colleges. Apply for all the good engineering classes in India like IITs, NITs, RV, Manipal, VIT, SRM, BITS, etc. there are lots more great engineering colleges all over India.

All the best!