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what are good school for law?

the only thing i want to do in my life is become a lawyer and a future politician. i like to collect rocks i want to get a accounting degree too. i have a dog and a cat i like animals they are cool #law #lawyer #attorney #criminal-justice #criminal-justice #criminal-justice #criminal-justice

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2 answers

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Ashley’s Answer

You have some great options! As you think about law school, I would recommend that in addition to thinking about how schools are ranked you also look at what areas a law school might specialize in and where companies/employers go to hire new lawyers. With an interest in accounting, you may want to go to a law school that specializes in tax law.

As for recruiting, there are certain law schools that companies go to more than others when they are looking to hire new lawyers. In some cases, a school that is not ranked as highly may be a school that companies actually go to a lot to recruit graduating students. It's important to look at how many companies actually visit the law school for recruiting because that increases your chances of getting a job after you graduate.

It is also important to factor in the cost of law school as you think about what you want to do. If you would like to work in the public sector or an area that may not provide a very high salary, you may not want to attend a very expensive law school (or undergrad) so you don't graduate with a lot of student loans. Of course if you can get a scholarship, concerns about student loans go away so always strive to get as many of those as possible.

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Alexis,

Below is the list of law schools as ranked by the US News & World Report:


It is great that you are also interested in accounting. If you have an interest in both law and accounting, you can maybe explore a career in tax law, public accounting or tax consulting. I would definitely recommend taking pre-law and accounting classes in college and speaking to people who work in the law and accounting fields before you consider applying to law school. If you decide to pursue accounting, you can get a master's degree in business, taxation, finance or accounting, depending on your preference.

Good luck!