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Should I become a surgeon or not?

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2 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

Hi Olivia.
Did you mean to write: "should I become a surgeon or not?"
If this is your question, then what is needed is for you to examine the things you really like in life.
Do you like helping people?
Do you enjoy sciences, math, biology, and learning about these things?
Do you enjoy watching TV programs that show surgeries?
Have you ever helped a pet with a wound or a family member and liked helping them?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then why not explore becoming a surgeon?
You will need to first finish high school with decent grades, go into college as a pre-med major and get good grades, then find a medical school that provides the degree you might want. From there, you will enter into your medical training and you will determine your specialty.
None of these things are hard. They just require that you study.
I think the hardest thing is to understand is that going to school is our first job. We need to treat our classes no differently than if we were going to work. You show up, you do the assignments, you learn the required material, and pass the tests. It just takes daily effort.
So if you are willing and interested, a career as a surgeon is coming your way!!
By the way, the practice of surgery is becoming more and more interesting scientifically. So if you love science, go for it!!

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Rachel’s Answer

Surgery will require 13+ years of training after high school as well as thousands of hours of grueling work. However, it is an incredibly fulfilling career and a way to serve your community and your patients. If that appeals to you, then go for it.