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What skills did you have to develop inorder to become an RN?

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3 answers

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Dr. Frank’s Answer

These are the skills that you need to develop to become a good RN:

Top 11 Skills for Becoming a Successful Registered Nurse

Organizational Skills. It is quite evident that every RN has to be organized and perform activities in a planned manner.

Stress Management.

Kind and Compassionate.

Excellent Communication Skills.

Dedication and Patience.

Detail Oriented.

Critical Thinking.

Alert and Observant.

Cultural Awareness.
This is essential to giving complete, patient-centered care.


Attention to Detail.

Critical Thinking.


Time Management.


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Margarita’s Answer

Nursing is a multifaceted career that combines clinical expertise, leadership, customer service, problem solving and high level communication skills with a multidisciplinary team.
If you are thinking of becoming an RN and attending nursing school, there will be a huge focus on classes that develop pathophysiolog/, pharmacology knowledges, critical and comprehensive thought processing and other classes that round you out and expose you to different nursing specialities.
You will need to develop your critical thinking skills, essay writing skills, team work abilities, and clinical knowledge.
An RN with a strong knowledge base can be very successful. The RN career requires a
Collaborative and inquisitive personality, excellent time
Management and customer service skills, ability to teach patients and colleagues, team work and leadership skills.

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Christina Gail’s Answer

I work in a hospital with many nurses. The skills I believe that can be learned are respect, compassion, customer service and team collaboration.

Christina Gail recommends the following next steps:

Seek our shadowing opportunities to learn more about nurses
Complete informational interviews with nurses
Learn about different setting nurses can work in
Investigate nurses programs