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How different would a path be for someone wanting to do data science work by taking a graduate program in Business Analytics instead of the traditional Data Science path?

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Hi, I'm a Computer Science graduate. I'm planning for a Master's program and the Business Analytics program looks interesting, but most programs are 10months, comparing that with a MSCS programs? How different of a job role would it be.
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2 answers

Tia’s Answer

Analytics is about translating data into actionable advice to management. Your CS degree is going to teach you how data is structured. You need to be able to translate that structure to report building. And once you understand report building and what the report tell you, then you can analyze the results and report more than just numbers- you provide insights, . You don't need a degree to do this. You need practice. I would encourage you to get some job experience before entering a Master's program.

On the practical side: It will be hard to get an entry level business analytics job with a Master's degree as 90% of your peers will not have it. A company will have a hard time justifying your salary with your advanced degree but no work experience. Get two years experience and learn about your data and what trends/insights you can get from the data. There are several online resources that will help increase your skills to understand your data and how to provide insights to leadership.

Who am I to be giving this advice? My previous career was as a Director of Analytics and I will tell you that my Master's is an MBA in International Business. Nothing Analytics related. Everything I did to rise in my career I did on the job.
I definitely agree with aspects, but it is also very dependent on what the student studied in undergrad and what type of position they are looking for after graduation. If they wish to enter into a pure Data Science role, Graduate degrees are actually quite common! Coming from a pure business background, I would never have been able to secure my role if it weren't for my MS in Business Analytics. There are many moving parts, but my graduate program had a 90% placement ratio! Sandi Besen

Sandi’s Answer

CS is a great foundation of data, but lacks the application to business that the Business Analytics degree provides. If you are interested in going into a pure Data Science Role, I recommend the MS ins Business Analytics program as it will teach you how to apply the fundamental knowledge you have to real world problems. Data Science entry level roles can be difficult to ascertain with just a Bachelors degree. If you are fluid and not dead set on going into data science directly (and analytics or reporting instead) after graduation, going into industry will be a great benefit in business understanding. If you are passionate about data science only, then you might want to consider grad school, as your chances of specialized job roles increase with your education level!