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What is software engineering?

Hai ! I am jeevika. I want to become a software engineering. Should i do any extra courses to become software engg apart from My Degree #engineer #teacher #professor #professional #student #software #software-engineer

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3 answers

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Sanket’s Answer

You don't need to take extra courses apart from your Engineering degree in Computer. You should be good at fundamentals of computer science and subjects like algorithm, data structures & OS are very important apart from learning programming languages. All of these subjects are taught as a part of Computer Engineering degree.

thank you for reply Sowmiya A.

Its really good advice from you Sowmiya A.

thank you very much for reply ahilandeswari B.

thank you very much for your reply ahilandeswari B.

Thank you for this Jeevika S.

Thank you for the answer Indhumathi M.

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Wael’s Answer

You should not! All what you need is a bachelor in software engineering.

thank you very much Sowmiya A.

thank you very much ahilandeswari B.

thank you very much for reply ahilandeswari B.

You are welcome. Wael Al-Rihawi

Thank you sir! Jeevika S.

Thank you for the information Sowmiya K.

Ur welcome. Wael Al-Rihawi

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sandeep’s Answer

To become software engineering, bachelors in engineering or degree from computer science is enough, but if you are difficult in finding job as a fresher by having degrees you could join in some institutes which provides computer courses in respective fields with job assurance.
Study well and Best of luck.