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How would you change your college experience?

Asked Houston, Texas

I'd like to make my college experience a good one.
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Jared’s Answer

Updated Columbia, Missouri

First-off Abigail, I have been to Houston and loved it the one time I went. Second off, there are a couple things I would have changed. One, I would not take my college experience for granted and only expect to be like what you see in the movies. I would really really appreciate the fun times and understand that I would not be able to have that kind of fun and that kind of freedom to be who you want to be ever again. Not putting pressure on you, more just telling you to APPRECIATE the opportunity. People today see college as something you just do instead of a great opportunity also. Also, it is your time to transition to a true adult and I would treat it as such. I looked at it as a more fun extension of high school in my first 2-3 years and that is a BAD outlook. It IS fun, a lot of fun. However, future employers and graduate schools look at your ENTIRE college experience, not just your last year or JUST your standardized (MCAT, DAT, GRE) test scores. Second, I would value my classes in my Freshman and Sophomore years and keep my GPA up instead of trying to make up a poor work ethic the first two years. You can still have a TONNNN of fun while doing well in classes, just make your CLASS time, CLASS time and not text/slack time. I hope this makes sense