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how long did you have to go to college to get a degree in early childhood?

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3 answers

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Monika’s Answer

Many accredited colleges and universities offer online degree programs in early childhood education. An Associate's degree program usually requires two years to complete, while a bachelor's degree will require four years. A two-year associate program offers a convenient and affordable way to begin earning the credits required for a degree from a four-year institution.
Because associate programs in early childhood education usually do not require internships or practicums, students can more easily earn their degrees online or on a part-time basis. This also makes it easier for you to balance your studies with other personal or professional obligations.
Institutions that offer both two-year and four-year degrees allow you to transfer the credits you earned in an associate program towards a bachelor's degree, should you choose to continue your education. Many community colleges partner with area colleges and universities to allow for the easy transfer of credits, as well.

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Julia’s Answer

You need to decide first which path you are going to choose; being a public school early childhood teacher or a private school early childhood teacher.

In order to be a public school teacher in Massachusetts, you need to hold a bachelor's degree and complete an approved educator preparation program (300 hours of field-based experience; a practicum also called "student teaching"). Usually, it takes 4 years to finish the program. If you complete a degree and educator preparation program, then you need to pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). Once you become a public school teacher, you will work with children from the grades of Pre-K through second.

If you want to work in a private sector, there are two paths as well; being a lead teacher or being an assistant teacher. If you hold an associate's degree, you can be a lead teacher. If you have completed a 3-credit college course from an accredited college in child growth and development, and have 9 months of supervised work experience, you can be an assistant teacher. As a private school teacher, you will work with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

For detailed information about education requirement and work experience requirements to be an early childhood teachers, please refer to the following link provided by the state of Massachusetts.


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Jess’s Answer

I am not sure if my answer is going to be what you're looking for. I got an Associate of Arts in Communications which took me about 3 years to compete. When I was at the community college, I wanted to take as many credits that could transfer to the University. When I was accepted to the University, I entered as a second year junior and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in a year.