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Can I join pure science if I fail in mathematics in 10th board

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5 answers

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Somil’s Answer

That's a difficult question to answer. What do you mean by pure science ?

The three major subjects under science are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There is a lot of mathematics involved in Physics, some in Chemistry and not much in Biology.
If you choose to study Biology as your major subject in 11th, you will still need to pass Physics and Chemistry.
The problem with choosing biology is, there are not a lot of career options with biology as your major subject. The competitive exams are tough and you will need to perform well in all three Physics, Chemistry and Biology to crack those exams.

You cannot avoid mathematics altogether since it is involved in almost all the subjects. Unless you choose a creative field like arts, music etc.
If you really like science and want to study it further, I would suggest to push yourself and learn enough mathematics to perform well in Physics and Chemistry.

Edit: Some comments based on Particia's concerns
My answer was keeping in mind an Indian education scenario, since the person who asked the question is studying in India. Allow me to elaborate.
Yes, Math is required in every field. I may have generalised a little when I said not much math is required in Biology or Arts. If a student choses to study Physics in 11th standard, he will be studying Laws of Motion, Work Energy Power, Gravity, Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Waves etc. A student has to be good in Algebra, Geometry, Calculus etc to understand these concepts effectively. Compare that to Math requirements in Biology and Arts, I could safely say that Math requirements are not that stringent.
Since he has already studied Math till class 10th, He is familiar with Algebra, Number Systems, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Mensuration and Probability, I'd say he has enough Math education for requirements in fields like Biology or various under Fine Arts, and Life in general.
I agree I shouldn't have said Math is not required in Fine Arts, I take that back. The comment was very specific to the question and knowing he has passed exams till 9th standard and familiar with concepts taught in 10th standard.

As far as my Biology comment, that was again keeping in mind the career options available in India. Although India is developing fast and new career options are emerging as we speak. There are not many career options available for study with Biology as your choice of subject when compared to Math/ Commerce.
Somil, I respectfully disagree with your categorization of the use of Mathematics in Science subjects other than Physics, as well as your assessment that "there are not a lot of career options with Biology as your major subject." Also, to imply that the Creative Arts have no need of mathematics, is to misunderstand the complexity of Choreography, Music Composition, Sculpting, Painting, and other Fine Arts - as well as the more subtle nuances of Mathematics. Patricia R Kerr
@Patricia Edited the original answer to address your concerns, since comments do not allow more than 800 characters. I hope that adds perspective to my answer. Somil Bhandari
Thank you for the clarification. I was aware that the request came from India, and that your answer had practical application for your country. I have taught in cultures other than American, and spent six years teaching in the Middle East, so I am aware of other job markets. Thanks again for your comments. Tricia Patricia R Kerr
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James’s Answer

A couple things need to be confirmed. First and foremost mathematics is the true and pure science.
Physics, biology, chemistry are applied sciences.
It is certainly possible that you could pass enough chemistry to function in a non ACS certified training without a great strength in mathematics. The same with biology and Environmental sciences. Consideration to avoid a career in physics may be a good ideal.
If you want to be a scientist then go for it. Many of the greatest have struggled, especially early in life.
Good luck.
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Andrew’s Answer

It depends on the branch of pure science.

If you are referring to physical sciences such as physics and chemistry, in which mathematics is its primary language, you need definite competency and proficiency in mathematics to succeed.

On the other hand, there is a lighter demand on mathematics in biological and life sciences. And the demand on mathematics is even lighter in social and behavioral sciences.
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Shobana’s Answer

Hi sanjay,

Yes , you can join pure science if you are not interested in maths. But make a note math is a required in every field atleast you should know the basics of maths. To have more option in career it is good to study maths .
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Matt’s Answer

The sciences are primarily focused on building models of our world, based on data collected through disciplined observation. Those models are built and expressed using mathematics. You could, perhaps, be a science enthusiast without understanding math. But you won't be able to contribute to the model-building aspect of science without a solid understanding of math.

There are scientific disciplines that have a thriving data collection aspect. Merely making detailed observations of the world is enough to contribute. But, it's unlikely that you'll get paid for this.

So you'll need that math. But, that doesn't mean you have to pass your exams the first time. The world is full of twisty and complicated paths that lead to the future you want. That one test isn't going to decide your future.