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MJ Nov 18, 2020 1411 views

What is the best sewing machine to learn beginner sewing and fashion design on?

I've been researching machines and can't find the right one. I am fairly new at sewing and don't quite know what to look for. I want it to be inexpensive, durable, and portable but it's hard to find one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am starting to learn sewing now to help me create...

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Oct 23, 2020 2096 views

How would you describe your classroom management structure?

I am a high school senior looking to perfect my pathway for the future. I am accepted into Cedarville University in southern Ohio, and I plan to to major in Early Childhood Education. After college, I plan to become a teacher for a grade level between kindergarten and 5th grade....

Roy’s Avatar
Roy Nov 05, 2020 378 views

How do I keep on track with my goal and my dream job?

I am 16 years old, and I am a Navajo. I'm not really social with people, but I am a really good friend. I don't see myself as smart, but other people do. #education #social

anna’s Avatar
anna Oct 31, 2020 363 views

what opportunities are there when you are able to adapt to and learn from these potential scenarios?

this is for a scenario presentation. #learning

Tiana’s Avatar
Tiana Nov 05, 2020 250 views

How do you know what to do for college? How is college financially? And how will I know what to do?

I am an 9th grader and I'm still trying to learn more in school about what to know and do for college.#learning

dantavia’s Avatar
dantavia Aug 24, 2020 229 views

how many years you have to go to college to become a teacher?

i love dancing,i love giving good advice i love everything.I wanna become a teacher. #teaching

Dhruv’s Avatar
Dhruv Aug 01, 2020 455 views

How will my involvement in the program effect my learning throughout college?

I am a dual enrollment student who is on the verge of graduation. My involvement in the program started in the summer of 9th grade. I have been in the program for over two years, and my question is how will my involvement in the program effect my learning throughout college? Will I receive an...

Kota’s Avatar
Kota Jun 08, 2020 439 views

What are the best colleges in the world that teach cyber security?

#teacher #computer-engineering #teaching #cybersecurity

Marie’s Avatar
Marie May 19, 2020 604 views

Is teaching people sign language a career?

I would love to learn and teach others #teaching

Leidy’s Avatar
Leidy Apr 24, 2020 435 views

how is the day to day of pedagogy for preschool ?

I am very interested in this profession «Because it is a noble profession; because it allows us to maintain a certain coherence between what we are, what we want and what we do ». But I would be interested to know what the environment of being a preschool pedagogy teacher is like to get more...

Puteri Nabila’s Avatar
Puteri Nabila Mar 18, 2020 323 views

Can I take the Master Education in Harvard Univeristy, when I have Environmental Engineering as my bachelor degree?

Hello, My name is Nabila. I am in USA now to attend a student exchange program. I really love both environment and education fields. My big goal is to work in the United Nations someday. #education #college #environment #engineering #environmental-engineering

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Mar 28, 2020 354 views

Who is in need of childcare service, regardless of health,learning, or developmental challenges

I am a freshman studying Early Childhood Education as Illinois State University, currently home doing online classes. I have always loved spending time with children. I have nannying experience with mainly infants and toddlers. The children I have cared for have had health, development and...

James’s Avatar
James Mar 21, 2020 456 views

Would a college education be necessary to work in wildland firefighting?

I have been accepted into Stephen F. Austin University but I'm not sure if I need to spend thousands of dollars on education. #college #college-advice #college-bound #education #firefighting #wildland-firefighting #hot-shot #school

Emmalyn’s Avatar
Emmalyn Mar 12, 2020 515 views

What are some temporary jobs that can prepare teachers for their careers?

I am a high school senior aspiring to be a high school teacher. #teaching

Ralph’s Avatar
Ralph Mar 05, 2020 757 views

How much education, and or training do you typically need to work in IT?

#it #education #information-technology #computer #college