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Jeffrey A. Mar 20, 2018 666 views

How can I change my school system for the better?

As I was Sitting in my biotech class listening to my teacher talking about central dogma, She said something interesting; she said "you should remember this from biology freshman year. Everyone in the class said the same thing,"no I don't remember this." I wondered, why don't any of us remember...

education classes entrepreneur school learning

Rathini P.’s Avatar
Rathini P. Jan 27, 2020 244 views

Is the right for education the same as the freedom for education?

I'm a student with tens of thousands of dollars of debt however, I have a passion for volunteering. Unfortunately the ones I can don't allow me to grow and prosper and I'm tired of feeling stifled. volunteer career career-choice university #psychology# education #open-mindedness#...

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Navid N. Feb 10, 2020 336 views

How long is an internship?

Anthropology and English student in college anthropology english education...


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Li L. Feb 16, 2020 289 views
Rob A.’s Avatar
Rob A. Feb 28, 2020 432 views

School counselors

As a school counselor do you create the master schedule? counselor scheduling teaching teacher school...


Emmalyn D.’s Avatar
Emmalyn D. Mar 12, 2020 352 views

What are some temporary jobs that can prepare teachers for their careers?

I am a high school senior aspiring to be a high school teacher....


Puteri Nabila M.’s Avatar
Puteri Nabila M. Mar 18, 2020 227 views

Can I take the Master Education in Harvard Univeristy, when I have Environmental Engineering as my bachelor degree?

Hello, My name is Nabila. I am in USA now to attend a student exchange program. I really love both environment and education fields. My big goal is to work in the United Nations someday. education college environment engineering...


James N.’s Avatar
James N. Mar 21, 2020 337 views

Would a college education be necessary to work in wildland firefighting?

I have been accepted into Stephen F. Austin University but I'm not sure if I need to spend thousands of dollars on education. college college-advice college-bound education firefighting wildland-firefighting hot-shot...


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Elizabeth K. Mar 28, 2020 251 views

Who is in need of childcare service, regardless of health,learning, or developmental challenges

I am a freshman studying Early Childhood Education as Illinois State University, currently home doing online classes. I have always loved spending time with children. I have nannying experience with mainly infants and toddlers. The children I have cared for have had health, development and...


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Leidy F. Apr 24, 2020 326 views

how is the day to day of pedagogy for preschool ?

I am very interested in this profession «Because it is a noble profession; because it allows us to maintain a certain coherence between what we are, what we want and what we do ». But I would be interested to know what the environment of being a preschool pedagogy teacher is like to get more...

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