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How to calculate the location for charging station if I wish to make study over 500km distance?

I'm currently studying Mechanical Engineering and having keen interest in electric vehicle I am currently trying to learn more on it.
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HI Rashbin, Could you please give more details as to what you mean by your question? Are you trying to build a charging station? I want to remind you that CareerVillage.org is a platform to post career specific questions. Gurpreet Lally

Yes Im trying yo build charging station in case of Nepal. Rashbin L.

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2 answers

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Oisin’s Answer

Hi Rashbin,

This Website has mapped out chargers in many locations and can work out where you need to stop to charge

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Arshad’s Answer

Greetings Rashbin,
There are several apps on the app store which allow you to find electrical charging outlets wherever you are!
Hope this helps

Hello Arshad's, I want to do research about building charging station in case of Nepal. There are only few being operated. Can I get some help on it. I'm currently in 7th semester of my engineering education and wish to do research on electric vehicle/ Charging station to promote EV in Nepal. Rashbin L.