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What could help me become a mechanic faster?

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4 answers

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Bradley’s Answer

I was an auto mechanic. The KEY to being a good mechanic is to study all you can! get as much training and details as possible. we didnt have youtube back then, but I suggest talking to a high school or college auto shop instructor. Being a mechanic first requires you to learn how these systems work.

I can simplify the first lesson(s), they are ALL ABOUT shop safety. Always wear safety glasses anytime youre in a shop area because your eye sight cannot be fixed, only guarded! use gloves because the solvents/chemicals go thru your skin and can do damage. When I work on something I like to clean the entire area of all grease/dirt/sludge because mechanisms fit together best when theyre clean.

So those things right away make you useful in an auto shop. Keeping things clean and cleaning up something to be worked on. Then try and learn in a classroom setting if you can. Work on a topic, then another. Start at the beginning and learn the absolute foundational things really well, that will make you a really good mechanic.

Every auto maker has a shop manual for doing any repair you can do. Somewhere there is a GM or Ford or ? shop manual that covers any year you need, any item. Thats the GOLD standard. Learning from the auto maker in their mechanic training? is GOLD.

But shop clean up, keeping your clothes and hands clean and keeping safety a big item makes you USEFUL IN A SHOP TODAY. when you learn, there is always the right tool for the job, if I had a young person interested in learning and was helpful Id want to hire them. Wanting to learn foundational things are valuable. Doing a quality job and charging the fair price gets you loyal customers. Be safe, double check before doing something and do things right or stop and dont do it at all. hope this is helpful

Bradley recommends the following next steps:

Talk to an auto shop teacher, get a course if they will give to you
learn about shop safety, be willing to clean up the floors, learn how to dispose of different kinds of materials properly

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Melody’s Answer

I'm not a mechanic, and the answers shown above were great, but I'd like to mention a couple things.

If you are still living at home, or if you are financially stable on your own, OFFER TO WORK FOR FREE. Give your services to a company in exchange for the knowledge you will receive instead of payment. It is the easiest way to get in the door of a place/ learn the ropes, and is widely overlooked by American culture.

Also, there are online certifications for pretty much anything in the world. Look for anything remotely mechanic-related and try to become certified. If you have a resume, make sure to include all your certifications (and if you don't have a resume, this would be a great reason to make one!)

Melody's Summary:

1) Offer services for free in exchange for knowledge
2) Search for online certifications to complete in related industry

Hope this helps!

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James’s Answer

Go thru vocational School and get on a co op program

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Michael’s Answer

Apply for part time work at tire stores or oil change stores. You will gain a lot of experience. You should be able to do that while participating in a training program. Another route would be to enter an apprentice program.