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How can I balance between going to school for something I am passionate about and ensuring I am choosing a career that willl also pay the bills?

I want to be a marine biologist, but I am unsure of the job situation. #marine-biology #job-market

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2 answers

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Janine’s Answer

It depends on what you mean about the job situation and what you want to do in marine biology. These are personal decisions (though paying bills is not!) Some areas of marine biology can pay more, offer more travel, or require more schooling,

One way to minimize your bills would be with scholarships and grants in college. Paying back student loans can take up a large portion of your income. It is never too early to start researching how to pay for college!

Being passionate about your career is important! It helps create a life where you want to keep learning and you never feel like you are bored with your job!

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Hector’s Answer

Very good question and tricky. You need to balance both issues and combine them to see the outcome by making a research in the net and find out. There is lot of info at out fingertips.
The main question is if you really like Marine Biology. If so, if this is the career in your heart and mind, then find out the salaries by looking at the job market, the internet, etc. That will give you an average idea. From that point you will know what to do.