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Where can you find culinary scholarships that help students with financial needs?

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4 answers

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Dada’s Answer

Hi Rachel , I would request you go through the below mentioned links ,



PS : Remember to keep your immediate family members/Guardians about the scholarship programme`s.

if you need more information , do kindly post your query on Career Village ..!

Take Care Rachel .

Thank you for providing these helpful links! Rachel C.

Iam glad...Acheive your goals & be the best professional. All the best :) Dada Shaik

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Robert’s Answer

to find scholarships for school, you can try the American Culinary Federation or Culinary Institute of America, mostly these foundations will have some sort of scholarships in which you need to work for. Your school may have scholarships, but you can go to collegescholarships.com, and search under culinary arts and there is a slew of foundations that have them available for you.

Chef Robert Mingus

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Paul’s Answer

Rachel, I would also check and see what local and state scholarships are available as well. I also did a google search and this link below looks promising.


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David’s Answer

Here are some organization(s) that offer scholarship and grant to assist student for culinary school that you can look into and apply for. Don't just go for one, apply for all just in case one does not offer does not mean other does not as well, apply for all just to be safe and get as much as possible to save money on your part for completing the school work.

- The James Beard Foundation.
- National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.
- International Cake Exploration Societé
- Women Chefs & Restaurateurs.
- American Culinary Federation.
- The American Institute of Wine & Food.
- Arkansas Hospitality Association.
- Cooking School.Org - https://www.cookingschool.org/culinary-scholarships/

Here is a link that may help you and you can look through for some scholarship or funding. https://www.scholarships.com/financial-aid/college-scholarships/scholarships-by-major/culinary-scholarships/

Good Luck