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What are your day-to-day duties as a pastry chef?

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4 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Ok so first n very important hygiene n sanitation n cleanliness while to do your work
And if your in a pastry department it very important to follow the recipe the measures should be exactly as the recipe or it wont turn out as it supposed to .
Think of new recipes the industry we are in is very demanding they want to be supprised by our invention n thats how you attract customers
So try n be innovative

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Robert’s Answer

Rachel C,

I am not a pastry chef, but I would think that being one would be the same as any other chef,. in stating that the pastry chef who conducts the production for all bakery needs from bread dough to desserts. thinking that your day would start out by planning and organizing the punch list for the day, and then proceeding with it. depending on what type of establishment you are working for would determine the day you would have.

I personally was always into making candies.

if you have any questions please let me know I can probably break things down for you a bit more

Chef Robert Mingus

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Seth D.’s Answer

Hi Rachel!

Great question. Pastry chefs are very different than savory chefs. They are often more diligent and patient when it comes to their work because it’s more of an exact science than working the hot line. Like all chefs, the most important thing you’ll do in the beginning of the work day is having a game plan, meaning knowing what you’re coming in to accomplish for the day and making sure your setting the next shift, or your next shift up for success. Also, be sure to enter the kitchen in clean chefs whites, having good personal hygiene and having a positive attitude.

Day-to-day responsibilities vary with specific jobs but those are the most important things any chef, pastry of savory need to know to be successful on any given day.

Hope this helps!

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Destiny’s Answer

Check out videos on youtube/google that surround this topic "A Day in the Life of a [Pastry] Chef"