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What school should I go to for interior design? I want to go to the University of Cincinnati but is that the best choice?

I want to get the best education to have the most successful career. What programs should I do and what degrees should I strive for? college interior-design design
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4 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi, Taylor!

There are a variety of great schools that offer interior design programs. The best one for you will be those that can meet your criteria, such as geographic location, programs available, assistance available, etc. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to look at your priorities for college: what is it that you have to achieve? With this information, you can compare the schools that you're considering and make an informed decision.

To address your question about programs and degrees, you can go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook online and search for interior designer. The OOH will give you information about what you will need in terms of education as well as show you what a day in the life of a designer is like. You can even look at the forecasting for the future of interior designers. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips!

I hope this helps as you begin your search! Don't hesitate to post additional questions, we're here to help.

All the best --
Thank you so much for your input!!☺ Taylor A.
I agree with Jennifer! I strongly recommend doing *everything* she suggested. Also, ask yourself: "Why interior design?" and "Why am I passionate about it?" Answers to those questions gives you further insights on a field that will require a lot of time, effort and money. Most likely, a huge portion of these answers will come after doing as Jennifer suggested. The commitment is huge. Therefore, its advisable to have a good handle on what the field entails preferably before even taking a single course let alone an entire program. "Can I conduct an informational interview?" Why? People love to talk to others about their field. "Can I obtain an internship or volunteer opportunity in interior design?" Why? Experience is the best teacher. Burel Ford
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Natasha’s Answer

If your aim is to remain in-state (and, thus, save money), then University of Cincinnati might be a good option, if you link your education at U of C to the broader resources in the region. Find design-related centers, firms, studios and communicate with their staff or members on the trends in the industry.

Consider reaching out to or communicating online (or by appointment) with:
-- Platte Architecture + Design
Talk with them to understand what kind of background such firms expect or prefer from employees after graduation; find out if they have any internship or mentorship programs or whether they can recommend any in the region.
-- Cincinnati Center for Architecture + Design
(513) 421-4661
-- KZF Design
-- Reztark Design Studio
-- AIA Cincinnati
Determine if they can hold a webinar (information session) this spring for prospective students entering the field or whether they can indicate the kind of design partners that they are working with in the field of A+D.
-- U of C Neihoff Urban Studio

There are more resources to select from in the region. Spend some time researching a team that will nurture your passion for interior design, through internships, information sessions, webinar resources, apprenticeship and/or employment.

Good Luck & Stay Well,

Thanks for the advice!!☺ Taylor A.
Thanks, use the month of April to do research! Send some emails. Take good care. Natasha Bastien
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Emanuel’s Answer

Hi, Taylor! You are already making that first big step, trying to set those goals of what you want to be and reaching out for the best answer. Follow your gut feeling and pick a career you would be happy with so when you're working it won't feel like your working. It goes back to an old saying "If you love what you do, you won't have to workaday in your life".
Thank you!! Taylor A.
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Anita’s Answer

I am not the best person to speak about Interior Design specifically, but I did attend the University of Cincinnati and have many in my network who earned a degree through DAAP (design, art, architecture and planning) from UC. I can speak to the program specifically.

What I consistently heard from my network is that it was a very challenging school (lots of long nights), but the individuals received great education and made life-long friendships through the journey. The other positive aspect is UC's co-op program that will allow you to get a full year's worth of internship experience in the field before even graduating. This allowed many in my network to become more competitive for a job in their respective fields after graduating. Many were even offered a position at the company they interned with. The disadvantage is that it is an expensive program and you have to consider that financially. Don't forget about scholarships!

Hope this helps you!
Thank you so much!! ☺ Taylor A.