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In Biomedical engineering, how much time is spent in the lab?

I am studying biomedical engineering right now but am worried that I will be stuck in a lab for the rest of my life, is that a real worry?
Thanks! #college #engineering #science #research #biomedical-engineering

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Christos’s Answer

Hi John,
That's a very reasonable concern! In my work I spend about 5-6 hours a week in the laboratory. Most of it tends to be fun for me; i'm setting up equipment to test devices, we use lasers, ovens, fridges, super-heated knives, automated machines with grabbers. I like touching things in general, not just looking at a computer all the time! Other biomedical engineers will have different experiences. It depends on the company, your specific job and responsibilities. I think, for any biomedical engineer you'll have to spend time in the lab understanding processes or devices. Not going in the lab for a biomedical engineer is the equivalent of asking an automotive engineer to never go to a car factory! The amount of time you'll spend in there and what you'll do in there will again depend on your job description and your company :)