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Broadcaster salary?

Updated Providence, Rhode Island

How much do u get paid for it? #television #broadcast-media #people #financial-planning

5 answers

Samentha’s Answer

Updated Virginia, Virginia

Based on experience, bonuses and commissions the salary is favorable

Charles’s Answer

Updated Southfield, Michigan

It matters greatly where you work and how big the market is. Also matters what you do. Reporters make less than anchors usually. The sports guy may make less compared to lead news anchor or even the Meteorologist. Small markets anchors could make mid $20's to $30's. Medium to large markets $40k on up to six figures depending on your experience and Q factor. I think some anchors here in Detroit clear a million. In cities like New York, Chicago, or LA that's common. However you have to be really on your game in looks and presentation to get to that level.

Robb’s Answer

Updated Arlington, Virginia

Roughly $50,000 per year -- We work under a SAG-AFTRA contract here. Depending on where you live, your salary could vary. Good Luck!

Emani’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Although I may not serve as a current broadcaster, those who work as a one in the television broadcasting industry are typically paid on an annual salary- once a year, with a sporadic bonuses. Depending on the specific job, duties and location like in the studio or out in the field it will vary the amount paid. It can vary from $40,000-$100,000 more or less.

Samentha’s Answer

Updated Virginia, Virginia
My salary is based on experience, commissions, bonuses and incentives.