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What should I do this summer in order to prepare my resume for college now that many internships have been cancelled?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #resume #college

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8 answers

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Richard’s Answer

If online classes are still available, you could try to take classes and get ahead with your degree. You might be able to free up time during the school year so you could pursue research or internship once the world reopens after coronavirus shutdown.

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Harry,

Have you thought about volunteering at a nonprofit? There are many nonprofits especially in San Jose that are looking for volunteers as there are many that are in need. If you do not feel comfortable giving back in person, then there are also virtual opportunities (like tutoring, editing, etc).

If none of those options are appealing, you may also want to use resources like Khan Academy or other free courses online to prep for next year, so that the next school year is super easy for you (and hopefully you get really good grades). This may free up time for your in the next school year when opportunities come up.

Lastly, I'm not sure what the job market for your skill set is like, but you may also want to pick up work. When I hire, I look favorably on candidates who have real life work experience (especially retail), as real job experience teaches you how to communicate well, especially in difficult situations.

I wish you the best of luck Harry!


I agree with De Kathleen Connolly

Thank you, Kathleen. :) Dexter Arver

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Estelle’s Answer

Great advice so far. Online classes are great so that interviewers saw you stayed busy and worked on self improvement. Lots of places still need volunteers. For example, food banks need volunteers to prepare the food for distribution. Social distancing will limit your exposure to the people receiving the assistance, but the behind the scenes work must still be done.

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Abhinav’s Answer


I think one thing you can do is take online classes during the summer. This way you can continue to polish your skills and still figure out what you want to do later. Another thing you could look into is volunteering. Volunteering is one activity that won't slow down. This way, you can do any kind of volunteering. Furthermore, volunteering can help interpersonal skills.

I hope this helps!

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Jorge’s Answer


Thanks for your question. I think a lot of this depends on what year you are in high school and what you have been able to accomplish thus far.
Assuming you are a Junior or Senior, much of your volunteer activities (Service Hours) should already be completed, and if not the advice to visit non profit organizations is a good one. My son has worked with the humane society to help with the care of pets that have been abandoned.

In all honesty and considering the phase of life you are currently in, I would recommend you shift your focus more to preparing for college. With the significant downtime we all have due to Covid 19, it could be a good opportunity to take a summer class or two online to gain some traction on your college credits, you could also enhance skills like excel and Power point which you will surely need, there are also multiple certifications you could pursue that we be helpful through college and the rest of your life.

Wish you the best of luck during these times as well as selecting an university to attend.


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Kathleen’s Answer

Hey Harry,

What grade are you in? If you're a sophomore or junior, I recommend spending this Summer preparing for the ACT or SAT.

Alternatively, you can always look for volunteer opportunities. You can find a lot of great in person and virtual opportunities that match your interest by visiting: VolunteerMatch.org. There, you'll be able to search by interest.

And as Dexter and José mentioned above, you can always work on building your skills through online courses and independent learning. Some state and community colleges offer programs for high school students. It's worth looking into whether any in your area are accepting applicants. It's possible that these programs might be on hold because of COVID, but you can always learn independently.

Best of luck to you and enjoy your Summer!

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Simeon’s Answer

I wouldn't be as worried about the internships being missing since everyone applying is probably in the same boat. I'd recommend looking for volunteer work that could be done remotely. That would help your resume a little bit.

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José Javier’s Answer

Hi Harry, I hope you are doing well. It's good to see that you are thinking about the future and asking for advice. Both Richard and Dexter offer great tips so I'm going to try to supplement their answers.

It's hard to advise since no one knows how a post-COVID 19 world is going to look like, but I would say that you are in one of the better positions to prepare for your future since you still have your undergraduate years to build up your skills and confidence to enter the full time work world. If you are interested in going into the health/law fields, you might want look at ways to remotely shadow some professionals in those fields. Most health professionals might be too busy to help you, but perhaps a legal office or centers that are active in legal policy can offer you a job shadow opportunity or more.

If we're still in lockdown during the summer, I would definitely listen to Dexter about developing your self during this time of isolation. There are all types of free education classes/webinars/tutorials online to improve public speaking, logic, photography, etc. so use this time to learn something you want. The best professionals I know, aren't just great at executing their main duties, they also excel in supplementary skills that really make them stand out.

Hope this helps, good luck, and take care. If you have additional questions, let me know!