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How can I build and maintain a career based on both the English and Chinese-speaking world?

Hello! I am from Hong Kong and now study Psychology in the UK. I am interested in a career within healthcare and social welfare. #social-work #psychology #english #marketing

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5 answers

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Tsui Ying’s Answer

I would suggest creating a LinkedIn profile and list your desired role in the statement of your profile. Also, remembering to add your language proficiency. Then, networking and joining groups about psychology, social welfare and health care across the global. This will help you gain connections and you can ask others about their careers what jobs they use multiple languages and has managed to sustain relations in both English and Chinese.

If you are keen to utilize your psychology studies and are interested in counselling others, then I suggest creating a profile online and letting people know that you are available to talk. I have provided a link below.

Alternatively, have a look into translation jobs, internships and volunteering opportunities that you can do either in-person, over the phone or remotely that is related to social welfare. By translating you can help others with their needs.

Lastly, have a look at this list of opportunities in HK. You maybe able to find something you enjoy and you will certainly meet people and can continue expanding your network. It is likely that the English speakers will have a reason for being in HK and you can network ideas and jobs that may involve the mixing of both worlds.

Tsui Ying recommends the following next steps:

Set up a LinkedIn and network with people working in social welfare and healthcare.
Take a look at this link: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/counselling/eng/london/chinatown
Have a glance at this link: https://liv-magazine.com/where-to-volunteer-in-hong-kong-for-english-speakers/

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Jade’s Answer

Hi Hilary! I'm glad you are keeping your international background in mind when thinking about your future career. I'm not familiar with social welfare or healthcare. However, I'm from China and came to the US for undergraduate. I have been working in the US ever since I graduated almost 7 years ago.

For me, I specifically looked for positions in my industry that could utilize an international background, as well as Mandarin. Being in fashion and marketing, that's a big advantage, and has allowed me to explore a few very interesting career paths including international marketing, e-commerce and tourism. I'm sure that your language skills and international background could be an advantage in some areas in your field as well! You just need to research and see if they are interesting to you. If so, that's great and you can start looking into building a career around that.

Good luck!

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Saurav’s Answer

You need to be fluent in both of the language. Also the more language you learn, the more your brain becomes flexible. From a study, it has been found out that people speaking more than 2 languages are more intelligent in comparison with others.

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Amy’s Answer

Being fluent in two languages is a plus in healthcare and social services. You should put that down as a skill on your resume. In both health-care and social services, there is a need for people to communicate with others in a language that is not the national language. For example, if you work in the UK, you will encounter Chinese people who speak limited English. Your ability to effectively communicate with clients will help in that situation.

Make sure you let your employer know that you can speak two languages and are willing to translate when necessary.

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Sabrina’s Answer

You might consider looking for positions with British Consulate, United Nations, or the American State Department, your unique skill set could make you well positioned for international work.