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How is the first day?

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4 answers

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Linda’s Answer

Hi Harley,
I have to say that my first day at college I wandered around in a daze, wondering where my next class was, did I forget a class, and could I make it on time. But after a week, I felt comfortable with my environment and dorm mates. Just remember you are not the only one who feels like a fish out of the water, so do all of the other freshmen.

it has been a while since I went to college and I think they are more aware of how freshman feel today than when I was in school. I have a senior and have been visiting colleges with her and everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Don't worry, you will be fine. It is very common to feel anxiety over new things, but the good part, in a short time it won't be new anymore!
Good luck!

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Harley! I still remember my first day pretty well, everything was kind of a blur to be honest. My first class was an afternoon class so it was definitely weird to be going in later than earlier that I was traditionally use to. I came around campus earlier to make sure my work-study was in order and then I wandered around campus and knew where my classes were and made sure I was on time for my class. My first was a gen ed class, History of Broadway, so it was pretty easygoing and a good way to feel relaxed about my first day! My first semester though was great, I got to meet some nice people and my best friend from high school was also attending the same university so we did a lot of studying together and going to the gym! COVID may change the first day of college this year but when you do step onto campus it will feel amazing to be there! There are also nearby individuals ready to help with directions and questions, so don't feel nervous about navigation! It's really just getting use to everything but there are many helpful resources, make sure to check out advising and tutoring services because they help the most in succeeding.

Best of luck!

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Harley,

The first day of college classes can be challenging. I would say that you can mitigate some of those challenges but taking advantage of some activities before the first day. I would recommend you making a point to attend the tour of the campus that happens with freshman orientation in some schools. Then you should make sure to review any class materials you have access to before day one. Some teachers will give you an agenda for the semester. You will want to know what work you should have done before day one. I would also say that you should walk the campus and find all of your classrooms. This will take away the stress of having to find your class on day one.


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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Harley:

Your first day at college can be quite the experience. I suggest, if possible that you visit the campus ahead of time; just to become familiar with the campus, buildings, environment, etc. Take a tour ahead of time and try to visit all the surrounding community. This will help you out when you need to know where to get those favorite foods "essential items" like pizza.

You've received many good tips on prior posts. You may want to evaluate the comments that works best for your situation.

Best of luck to you on your first day! :)

~ Sheila