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Harley ’s Avatar
Harley May 13, 2016 1002 views

How is the first day?

In college #professor #student

Beecher’s Avatar
Beecher May 13, 2016 1189 views

Looking back on college, what is the number one thing you wish you did differently and why?

I am asking this question because I want my college experience the best it can be. By hearing people answer this, I will have some foresight of college and knowledge of what to maybe avoid in college. Thanks! #college #help #college-advice #member-experience #rights #be-your-best-self

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca May 09, 2016 658 views

Is it better to live on or off-campus?

I'm living on campus for my first year but it's so expensive that I was thinking about looking into other options. I was wondering if the benefits outweigh the costs.

sierra’s Avatar
sierra May 10, 2016 827 views

What website is best for finding scholarships?

I am applying for college this year and am looking for great scholarship opportunities, where can I find the best ones? #financial-aid

Joel’s Avatar
Joel May 09, 2016 879 views

Best way to get cover college tuition?

Well, I've fallen behind in getting financial support for college and I've been excepted!! Yaaaay! Well, my family and I don't have deep pockets, so what's are your recommendations! #community

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 09, 2016 587 views

Is it really worth all the debt to go to college?

Debt scares me #graduate

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Joshua May 09, 2016 5550 views

I want to have a business in real estate, yet I also want to be an Anesthesiologist. How can I pursue both at the same time, especially with a demanding major like neuroscience and then medical school?

I really love houses, house plans. designing, home décor, and everything that deals with homes. But i'm also interested and attracted to the medical field. I would love to do both, but feel like I may have to choose one. I love real estate more, but it would require a lot of work and it's not...