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When I attend college to become a forensic psychologist, what kind of classes are recommended?

Updated Irvine, California

I really want to know this because my dream is to become a blood spatter analyst. the more I know about these things, the easier that will be. #forensics #forensic-psychology #psychology #science #college

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Nathaniel, Forensic Psychology is MUCH MORE than what you think it is...I recommend that you go to the website of the American Psychological Association (www.apa.org) and then search for the division of forensic psycjology to learn more about what forensic psychologists actually do. A doctorate is required to become a forensic psychologist...so would not be taking course work as an undergraduate student in anything that even resembles what a forensic psychologist does. I'm not trying to discourage you but rather to illuminate the reality of this field. FBI agents and homicide detectives working together with chemists would be involved with blood spatter analysis, to the best of my understanding.