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What is the best graduate school for sports medicine?

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2 answers

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Jyoti’s Answer

Hi Reily, defining what "the best" school is for a student depends on each student. I'd encourage you to ask yourself what is the best learning environment for you, one where you have a lot of fellow students in class or one where you are in a small class setting. Do you plan on living on campus or being involved in on-campus programming? If so, that's something you'll want to research with each school. Are financial packages important to you? If so, consider selecting schools that are within your price range regarding tuition costs and available scholarships. Many graduate programs also offer Graduate Assistant positions where you would be employed by the school and getting compensation which learning and possibly assisting to teach classes with the professors. I also encourage you to check out any connected employers that have hired graduates from that school in the past which may include any particular clinical programs where you get hands-on experience at that employer because you're a student of that college/university. By considering your optimal learning environment, costs, quality of education, and employment outcomes, you'll have done the best you could to select "the best" school for you.

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Richard’s Answer

Top ranked programs include:

University of Southern California.
University of North Carolina.
Stanford University.
University of Pittsburgh.
Ohio State University.
University of South Florida.
University of California, Los Angeles.
Boston University.

Thank you! Reily C.