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Elif’s Avatar
Elif Aug 02, 2020 1321 views

How has the requirements to be a veterinarian changed over the last 15 years to now?

#veterinarian #veterinary

Samsuzzoha’s Avatar
Samsuzzoha Jul 31, 2020 500 views

How can I be a entrepreneur by programming and business marketing skills?

Last few months, I thought about it but didn’t got any best idea. Though, I am a student now, but I wanna do something by improving those skills.
#JULY20 #lecturer #experts

Elianny’s Avatar
Elianny Jul 30, 2020 499 views

What are good firms to get an internship for interior design after high school and going into college in NYC?

Im going to be a junior this year. I would like to start doing research on places I should apply for. #interiordesign #internship

naileah’s Avatar
naileah May 28, 2019 700 views

how long is the training for a police officer?

#police-officer #police

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jun 06, 2019 766 views

I'm in 8th Grade and my parents are making me go to Early College High School, which does not have a band. I really enjoy band and I really don't want to give it up, but I'd like to have the benefits of going to ECHS. Any advice on making a decision? (P.S. I know somebody who goes there and I only hear horror stories from them. )

#education #music #advice #band

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jan 12, 2017 1139 views

What is a good first step to take when you realize the field you got your Bachelor's Degree in has a low demand job wise in the job market?

Alyssa.24. Currently employed in the Legal/Law Field. Recent College Graduate. #college #careers

Reily’s Avatar
Reily May 13, 2016 1050 views

What is the best graduate school for sports medicine?

I want to be a sports doctor. #medicine #healthcare #careers #sports-medicine #athletics #college #career #career-counseling

Camille’s Avatar
Camille Jul 11, 2017 4068 views

Is criminology useful to be a criminal lawyer/prosecutor ?

I consider to be a prosecutor when I grow up, I am very interested in Psychology and criminals etc... So I wanted to major in Criminilogy in college but I ask a relative and she said that I can't take criminology to be a prosecutor. Is she wrong? I hope so... #Law #Criminology #Prosecutor...

Ana’s Avatar
Ana May 31, 2017 1547 views

Economic History or Economics for Equity Research

I'm a high school student looking to apply to the University of Edinburgh and Oxford for a degree in either Economics and Management (Oxford)/Economics with Finance (Edinburgh) or Economics and History (Oxford) and Economics and Economic History(Edinburgh). I feel incredibly passionate about...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 30, 2017 1365 views

How do you focus and manage your time wisely?

It's very hard to focus, even though it's quiet. I easily get bored. It's also hard to manage your time. I always procrastinate. #studying-tips #focusing #procrastination

Nitya’s Avatar
Nitya May 30, 2017 1570 views

How to get a job in writing online?

I'm a freshman (9th grade) in high school, and since summer is coming, I wanted to get a job. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find jobs that don't require a degree and such. Update: With your guys' advice, I've decided to enter some writing contests and hope for exposure and maybe some...

Kate’s Avatar
Kate Mar 08, 2016 2248 views

What are the steps required to get a job working as a travel companion for the elderly or young children? Is there even such a job out there?

I would like to make a career out of flying with young children or the elderly. Would I work with a specific airport or an airline? How old do I have to be to apply? What are the requirements? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage....

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Feb 04, 2017 1304 views

How should I prepare myself for a first job? How do I organize my resume, if I'm a minor, preparing to apply for my first job?

As of a month ago, I officially turned 16, which has given me a broader base of jobs to go after and apply for. I'd like to start applying for jobs, and hopefully, work a steady job before I turn 17, so I can develop my resume history and work-place skills. But all the jobs near me require...

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 26, 2016 3643 views

Which university is better USC or UCLA and what are the pros and cons of both?

At the moment the most appealing choices I have are USC and UCLA so I want to know which one is better and if that can't be determined what are the pros and cons of each weighed against each other. This is mainly for curiosity's sake but I am also genuinely interested in the matter. #university...

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Jan 02, 2017 1151 views

How much college credit does IB give you with good exam scores?

I realize that IB gives college credit and most universities and higher education institutions accept the IB exams as credit but I don't understand how much it can take off of college. #college #university #higher-education #ib-diploma #college-credit #ib