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How to get a job in writing online?

Updated Fremont, California

I'm a freshman (9th grade) in high school, and since summer is coming, I wanted to get a job. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find jobs that don't require a degree and such.

Update: With your guys' advice, I've decided to enter some writing contests and hope for exposure and maybe some pay!

Feel free to comment any more ideas/opportunities; I will greatly appreciate it! #journalism #writing #english #high-school #freshman #summer-job #american #career-details #job-application

6 answers

Shruti’s Answer

Updated New Jersey, New Jersey

Hi Nitya,

If you are looking for some exposure to writing and just for the summer, I would suggest you try submitting your writing to online magazines. Readers Digest can be a good place to begin - http://www.rd.com/100-word-stories-submissions/
If your writing gets picked, not only would you gain exposure but also earn some bucks! :)

All the best. Shruti

That is a great idea! Thanks for the advice.

Lindsey’s Answer

Updated Irvine, California

Hi Nitya! There are a lot of content marketing companies that hire freelance writers (aka "contributors") to contribute stories for their clients (companies that have a blog or another medium they need stories written for). Definitely check out Contently (that's the one I know best since I've written a couple articles for them!) to read more about it. Happy to answer any follow on questions you may have if I can. :)

A few words of advice: If you want to write you've got to just write. Write about everything, as often as you possibly can. I'm sure you want to kill two birds (getting experience and getting paid), but if you're serious about writing and can't find a way to make money doing it right now then you'll need to find another way to make some money and keep writing regardless! The more you write, the more confident you'll feel with the process and what you create, and I promise that confidence goes a long way.

Agreed. Just write . . . write . . . and write some more! Create a blog so your content has a voice. Lots of freebies to choose from such as wordpress.com. For content writing, you can check out mills such as https://www.blogmutt.com/ or https://www.textbroker.com/.

Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas

Why on-line? Do you have a business plan? How much money do want to earn? What topics will you be writing about? Do you want to work for an on-line service or publisher?

I think researching a career needs to answer many specific questions about how you will live on that job and what you expect from it. I suggest becoming a terrific writer first. Write fiction, non-fiction and learn to tell a story that captivates people. Find someone who will edit you carefully so that you can hone your skills. After you get published the old-fashioned way, THEN think about an on-line writing career.

Susan E.’s Answer

Updated Westland, Michigan

As far as getting a job with no degree, a fast food restaurant right now is the best option. You could also work at some stores too. Are you looking for any kind of specific job?

Most of the job positions around me are looking for 16+ workers and I'm not of that age yet. I can work in retail and such, but it's the minimum age that I can't get under.

Mark’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

Hi Nitya, I would suggest taking a look at the popular online websites: Alternet, The Raw Story, Jezebel, HuffPost and Daily Kos. Read their articles. Most of them will be the opinions regarding politics because of Trump. Jezebel has plenty that are about entertainment and fashion. No doubt, when you register, you'll notice a method to offer your opinion. Probably, they pay, but that won't be for much, because quite often they're requesting donations from their readers. Good luck Mark Wagner

Thank you and I will check on those websites for writing opportunities.

Jyoti’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida
Dear Nitya, many jobs do require an age of 18 years and older however consider places where youth are involved: park district, play areas, sports rinks, educational institutions, etc. I would encourage you to visit local places and inquire about employment in person. Make sure to dress up in business professional attire when you stop by just in case you have an interview on-the-spot. Otherwise, related to your question of online writing- check out Elance or Barefoot Student job boards as they tend to seek freelancers. Best of luck to you in your employment pursuits!