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What are some qualities a Marketing major must posses?

I'm currently a marketing student, and I don't have much of an overall idea of what skills, qualities and experiences I should posses in the long run. For example, should I be concerned about improving my skills on Photoshop? even though I was not taught the program at school, and how do I show my employers I possess this skill on the resume? Let me know if you were required or asked to have a specific skill or experience when applying for a job or internship. What are some skills you wish you knew, so that you could've started working on them earlier. You don't have to be someone who majored in marketing, but if there's a specific skill that a lot of companies requested when you were applying please do share :) #business #marketing #skills #job-skills

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3 answers

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Timothy’s Answer

This is a really open ended question. It all depends on where you think you want to go when you get into the job market. You could potentially go into social media, digital marketing, paid media, ect. All of which require different skill sets and knowledge.

Generally in marketing, it never hurts to be well rounded. You can also specialize in certain areas to stand out from your peers.

Specifically, learn Adobe. Do internships and try to keep everything you do. Learn metrics and how to analyze data. Write. Create a blog to have writing samples. It's never too early.

Interesting advice Timothy, This is a first for me to hear about learning Adobe, I'll definitely be looking more into it. Thanks for the tips! Anudari A.

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Alexander’s Answer

Hi Anudari

I guess the most important quality is the ability to put yourself into the position of the end customer. What is important to customers? What do they look for? What are the qualities they look for in the products they buy, the companies they buy from and especially how they buy and get their information from.
If you understand your customers it is much easier to create value for them with what you are offering.

Hope this helps

I agree with you Alexander, Often times we forget about the needs of the customers, and stop addressing their needs. Especially when we're applying for a job, sometimes we'll forget to mention why we want the job or what makes us suitable for the position. Thank you for the tips! Anudari A.

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Tadeusz’s Answer

There is plenty of different Top 10, 15, 50 skills' lists, which every marketer should have but I think first there should be answered some other questions (maybe not by you because you have already chosen, but by other young people thinking about the future): Why study marketing? Is marketing right for you? Is it a good career path to choose? Is it a career you'll enjoy?
And reg. the skills, Alexander’s advice is brilliant.