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How hard is it to pay off the debt on pre-vet and vet school?

I've been considering the fact that vet schools are very expensive and sometimes hard to get into. Is the expense really worth it if you love taking care of animals? How long does it usually take to pay off the debt if you go to a place like Auburn University for vet school in Alabama? #higher-education #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #money-management

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2 answers

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Christine’s Answer

There are many good vet schools in the U.S. If animals are your passion and helping them is your dream then there are always to get to the career you want to follow. Have you thought about Naturpathic Veterinary Medicine? That is an up and coming choice for many young veterinarians. This is a natural form of veterinary medicine. Here is a web site that tells you about this form of medicine, what you need to get in, and about several schools that offer this degree. This could be a great way to get into veterinary medicine then if you want you can go on to a traditional vet school like Michigan State University, Texas A&M, or many other schools.

Here is the link I mentioned above:
How to Become a Holistic Veterinarian: Education and Career Roadmap-Study.com.

If you are set on going to a traditional vet school, take as many of your pre-requisites at a junior college, finish the rest at a 4 year state school, check into Financial Aid as soon as possible and of course check into scholarships.

Good luck with your college career. I hope everything works out.

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Hector’s Answer

All students loans kick off when you graduate. The main point is how much is the debt? Based on that, depending on your salary, you may be able to get an agreement about the monthly payments, or you may have to pay whatever amount the bank assigns you to pay. As any debt, I would suggest whenever possible, add a little more to the payment for the principal so you will reduce your debt and finish paying it earlier than it is established