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If I travel abroad, what should I do first?

Interested in traveling abroad and want to know what others have done on their trips!

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Hello Abeda, Whether you are planning to study abroad or vacation abroad you should narrow your search down to cost, purpose, and what type of adventure you plan to have. If you are studying abroad here are some tips: 1. Obtain documentation for travel 2. Plane tickets are best purchased three months in advance 3. Notify your bank of your abroad travel 4. Keep update with the weather for the best dress code 5. Look up different housing options (shared apartment, dorm, or host family) 6. Obtain necessary doctor clearance if you have any medical conditions. 7. Be aware of various cultural norms Source: https://www.goabroad.com/articles/study-abroad/study-abroad-101-what-to-know-as-a-first-time-student-abroad
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A great deal depends upon why you are going: vacation, education, work or visiting others. I have taken groups, gone on vacations but not studied or worked. With further information about your purpose, it would be easier to answer your question. Best of luck, Marilyn Balke-Lowry

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