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How do I find better opportunities to work with animals?


My name is Lisa, I always wanted to work with animals in some form maybe not as a veterinarian, but taking care of animals in danger or to help house pets find homes. I only know about shelters but not exactly where or what I need to be able to continue on the path to stay involve with them. Im very passionate about all types of life and hopefully to find a career that would truly make me happy :) #veterinarian #animals #animal-health #animal-work

2 answers

Wayne’s Answer

Updated Cincinnati, Ohio
Lisa, great to hear of your interest in animals and your desire to help. There are a lot of opportunities out there to help and they all need people like you. You mention that you know about shelters. You probably also know about the Humane Society. I would recommend you going to your local shelter and talking with the folks running it. They will have a lot of information regarding other organizations in the area that assist animals, including the animal day care and animal hotels. I also recommend getting in touch with the local Humane Society. They are always looking for help in assisting animals who are in distressed circumstances and need love and affection. Good luck in your search!

Robin’s Answer

Updated Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom
Hi Lisa, you could start by offering house sitting services or dog walking services in your town. You'll learn about and see lots of different breeds, meet their owners and get paid too