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How could planning to spend some years as a stay-at-home mom affect my career choice?

I know I want to work as a therapist in my future, and I feel that my career would be a very important part of my life. At the same time, I know I also want to have a family, and I'd like to spend at least a few years at home with my children, assuming this is financially feasible for our family. I know there are some careers and some positions where this is easier than in others. Obviously, managers have to return to work more urgently than those below them, etc. Are there any particular careers in the field that would be especially conducive or obstructive to this decision? Any advice would be appreciated. :) #psychology #therapy #parenting #art-therapy #play-therapy #stay-at-home

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Emily’s Answer

Excellent question! That is great to consider, and it seems like you are really thinking ahead to pick a career that aligns with the type of life you want to lead!

In my opinion, being a clinical psychologist or a therapist is a perfect career for having a family! That is one (of the many) reasons I chose this career path. The great thing about being a psychologist or therapist is that you can create your own schedule, your schedule can be flexible, and there are so many job options: could have a private practice, could teach, could do research, could supervise, could work at a hospital, etc. Many psychologists I know do a combination of different things, which is great because there is variability in your day and therefore less likely to get burned out. Additionally, you can take on part time jobs or not depending on the stage of life you are in (ie having a family, getting close to retiring, etc). And even if working full time, it is possible arrange your schedule and hours in a way to be able to go to kids soccer games or other important events. I believe the flexibility of psychology field makes being a psychologist/therapist an excellent career path for someone who wants to work and have a family

Thank you so much for that detailed answer! It's very informative and encouraging. :) Nora Y.

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