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Where's the cheapest college to become a doctor in the US?

I want to become a doctor to help people with their health issues and save many lives. #doctor #biology #pre-med #counselor

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3 answers

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Ian’s Answer

There are issues with going to the least expensive medical school that will come with trade-offs that might not be interesting or desirable. Some of the least expensive medical schools have issues with accreditation or steer doctors towards a specific specialty.

There are however ways to get medical degrees for nothing at all and one of them is doing it through one of the armed forces. This route comes with a requirement to serve in the military for a certain number of years after your medical training has been completed. Getting a medical degree paid for by the military is also very very competitive and your grades have to be higher than pretty much every other person on the planet.
You are fortunate in a since living in Puerto Rico however as there are some medical schools there that are accredited and less expensive than many others. Check into the requirements and you may find that they are a perfect fit.

best of luck

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Richard’s Answer

Best way to keep your expenses down is to live with parents, attend community college which can be free in some cities then complete your degree at an inexpensive public institution .

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Rachel’s Answer

Community college all the way. Spend your first two years knocking out the pre-med requirements at a community college and then complete your degree at a 4 year public university. Med schools do not care, and they understand the need to keep student loan debt under control.