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If hoping to get into medical school, what is the best path to take?

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One of my friends keeps telling me it would be best to choose a major not many people choose so I am set apart; however, is it still a better idea to major in your science or something different? #doctor #medicine #surgery #neonatal #college #college-major #medical-school #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare

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Mohamed’s Answer

  1. First part is to develop love for Science. Read about biology, chemistry and physics. Foundation in biology and chemistry will help you in the medicine study journey. You can register for blogs to build extra reads on science.
  2. Be a volunteer at a hospital.
  3. Work as research assistant. Universities and some hospitals always have research internships, apply to them to work as an intern.
  4. Find a doctor to get advice on study of medicine. A doctor will be a good person to mentor you to align your interests on medicine and give further advice to develop a career on medicine.