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In what ways can I make my college and medical school applications stand out?

Updated Cuba, Alabama

I am currently a high school junior and I know that there are some equally as smart and probably better people I am competing against in the real world. I am just interested in knowing how to make myself stand out and be accepted to the schools of my choice. #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #medicine #surgery #medical-school

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Daniel’s Answer


One way to make yourself stand out is to volunteer often, especially at a hospital or something in the medical field. This not only shows you have experience in the industry, and that your a caring person, but it also shows that you would positively impact the community at that school as you get involved and aren't afraid to donate your time.

Any awards or certificates you can earn through clubs, classes or things in the community also help. The bigger the list of "Achievements" you have, the better your application looks as these are solid factual things that you cant make up.