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How much, on average, does medical school cost? Is there a way to get financial aid?

I want to make sure that I am prepared for the financial load I'm taking on. #medical-school

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5 answers

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Sonali’s Answer

Medical school cost would be more than $50,000 per annum. Yes, you should look for scholarship opportunities. There are partial scholarship opportunities easily available. Rest you can raise through Bank loan. You can pay it off very easily within a year after completing your degree and getting a job.

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James’s Answer


i graduated med school in texas in 1993. it's only gotten more expensive since then.

i agree with one of the previous respondents about the military option. several of my classmates went that route.

i couldn't disagree more with the other respondent about "easily available" scholarship opportunities. it was incredibly disheartening to search and search and not find any scholarships. especially after cobbling together enough college scholarships to essentially pay for 5 years of undergraduate studies.

that respondent may be talking about schools outside the US. however, in this country there are several years of training between medical school and private practice. during those years you do start receiving a paycheck but it's not much. rarely does anyone begin paying back their loans during those years.

in general, the only other of my classmates with significant scholarship money were the MD/PhD candidates. so that might be something you could look into.

when you hear talk of medical student loan debt, believe it! this is my 20th year in family practice and i'm still about $50k in debt from medical school loans.

this is the reason why so many medical school graduates choose to go into the higher paying specialty fields rather than primary care. many specialists are able to pay off their loans relatively quickly after completing residency.

bottom line. yes,medical school is incredibly expensive in the US. no, scholarships aren't plentiful. yes, financial aid is available, i.e.-loans.

here's my suggestion. if you already know you're wanting to go into a specialty then don't worry too much about all of the front end costs. you'll earn it back quickly.

however, if you want to go into a primary care field such as family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, etc, then you might want to look into another route, such as nurse practitioner.

hope that helps. and good luck!

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Ross’s Answer

One of our sons just started his first year of medical school at Boston University School of Medicine, The tuition, books, lab fees, supplies, room, board and miscellaneous expenses total well north of $60K per year. One solution you might consider is to utilize the scholarship options offered by the US Armed Forces. The Army, Navy, Air Force and US Dept. of Public Health actually run the Uniformed Services University for Health Sciences https://www.usuhs.edu/ for students that will then become doctors in one of those four military/government branches of service. The required commitment to serve in those branches of the US Government upon graduation from USUHS are usually 6 years.

Another option is to join these military services once you have been accepted into Med School in the US. If accepted into one of these programs, and you will receive full scholarship and living expenses while attending Med School. You will attend various summer activities that prepare you for your military commitment as a doctor during your 4 years of Med School. Upon graduation you agree to serve as a Medical Officer for up to 6 years also. The HEALTH PROFESSIONS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (HPSP) allows you to attend a US Medical School and graduate with little to no med school debt. https://www.navy.com/joining/college-options/hpsp.html

Both of these options allow you to attend medical school for free and you also are able to serve your country while helping our armed forces and their families. This is not the right choice for everyone but you should consider this as a great way to achieve your career goals and help your country too.

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Rachel’s Answer

Tuition is highly variable based on location of the school and public vs. private status. Costs range from $20K-$70K per year. Financial aid is available to all students.

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Richard’s Answer

Varies by state. In Texas in 2020, tuition is: $24,000 (in-state) and $39,000 (out-of-state).

Private institutions are even more expensive.