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Why did you go into law?

What do you find to be rewarding? #law

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5 answers

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Ro’s Answer

Political Science is the study of a nation's government (power). This was something that I was interested in learning, so I took a few intro courses (Intro to American Gov't, and Intro to International Politics). I really liked them and seeing how government is set up, and how it affects people. Other related majors are Sociology and Public Policy. If you're interested in learning how groups are formed and organized, these majors may interest you. If you're simply interested in the major, I'd suggest to take a required course so you can at least get credit towards your degree while seeing if you like the major. I'd also speak with a professor or counselor to see if you want to pursue majoring in this field.

Here is something to think about: PoliSci, can lead to future grad school or work in the subjects/areas of law, city planning, social work, government, education, and politics. Law is part of every company, and the skills you learn are transferable to any area of industry: IT, entertainment, education, hospitality, medical.

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DENNIS’s Answer

Hi Jessica: Good to see you again! Glad to see you are still asking good questions!!! In response, my path into law was not a straight line! I did alot of different things over the years - from driving a cab in DC to unloading trucks. It started when I was in college. I was a political science major who was doing a semester in Washington DC. I got to work in a US Senator's office and got to know a lot of staff members who were lawyers. I admired them and the work they were doing. They were all working toward a greater good. However, I did not know any lawyers and had no money and my parents were not able to help. So after college I worked at different jobs, then went to grad school to get a Masters in Teaching. After grad school I could not get a teaching job so worked other odd jobs and then went to law school. Oddly, my thought was to do education law and work with teachers. However, I played a number of sports in high school and college and loved it. In law school I took trial courses and found that exilleriting. That's where I landed for 37 years. As I said in the past, your road is your road. You have to be true to yourself. So keep your eye on your goal but be true to yourself. Political science is a great major - particularly in todays day and world. We need good, well rounded lawyers to support our Constitution! Keep it up!!!

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Susan’s Answer

I went into the legal field because I am a curious but logical person. I started my career as a police office in the early 1980's and learned the correlation between interpreting the law but also how it is put in place. I learned the origin of certain laws and certainly felt that some originated in the politics of the time.

You need to be able to advocate both sides of a subject and believe in what you are doing.

I've had different careers in the legal field including a money laundering investigator as well as a fraud investigator.

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Edward’s Answer

I have always loved to read and write. Lawyers get to read and write a lot, so I'm happy every day. When you're happy, what you're doing is never work but pleasure.

I hate to travel, and nowadays more and more lawyers don't have to travel.

If you don't like to read and write, or you love travel, try something else.

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Blake’s Answer

To become a lawyer.