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How likely will opportunities to travel abroad be in a career as a UX designer?

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I'm interested in UX because when you have to launch a new travel site or improve the existing, user experience is the first thing to consider.

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3 answers

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Ceil’s Answer

Generally, UX Designers aren't among the high-travel positions. One really successful exception I've seen is a small software firm that had a core staff of US-based UX designers and also partnered with contract developers in Bulgaria. To drive an effective culture, the leader of the group moved the US team to Bulgaria for a month - it was super successful. So that's something you might ask as you interview.

Another thing to consider, in addition to the good suggestions others have offered above, is taking advantage of the more welcoming atmosphere around working remotely to travel yourself and work from wherever. Colleagues of mine from designers to marketers to strategy consultants have done so successfully over the past few years, moving from project to project, and doing each one from wherever they happened to be living at the time.

Upwork and other contract sites can offer a place to start, though there's no substitute for working a personal network.
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Jerin’s Answer

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for your question .

The UX Designers usually don't travel much , but they do it when there are workshops , but it could be once in a year or two years. Travel is also possible if your company wants you to work in a different state , and being there in person is important . It all depends on where you work and their needs at that specific time , but in general don't expect to travel every few months .

Maybe in future once you become an expert , they may ask you to give trainings to different teams around the world. That is one way you could possibly travel.

Hope this helps !

Thanks and Regards,
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Anitha’s Answer

It depends which project you are in. If involved in global level project, one gets to travel if needed where you play critical role at senior level