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What is it like being a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist?

Hi, I am trying to gain more insight on the bilingual aspect in the SLP workplace. I am almost certain that I want to be a bilingual SLP and help service my community, but I am not sure how that would look like. If anyone would like to help me and give me some pros and cons of working primarily as a bilingual SLP and/or how a day or week would look? #july20 #speech-pathology #bilingual #language #slp

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Heather’s Answer

I will say I am not a SLP, but I have worked with several and bilingual SLPs are in VERY high demand. If you were to pursue this career, you would be very successful. All of the SLPs I have worked with have worked with infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital and helped us with feeding techniques for premature babies. A bilingual SLP would likely end up working with young children with developmental delays who need help with speaking and/or eating and drinking. Most of these SLPs work in an office and see several patients daily. Sometimes SLPs can work with older adults who have problems with speech and/or eating and drinking after having a stroke or other illnesses that limit their ability to speak and/or eat and drink and swallow. Working with older adults would likely be in the hospital setting.