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As an aspiring SLP, is it possible to simultaneously work as a medical SLP and a school-based SLP, or would it be more beneficial to do one before the other?

Hi! I’m very interested in working with those with special needs, though I’m also interested in working in a medical setting where I will be able to learn from other healthcare professionals while I work (hence my interest in both school-based and medical speech-language pathology). I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether or not it’s possible to work in both settings at the same time? If not, would it be easier to switch from a medical SLP to a school-based one or vice versa? Thank you! #july20 #slp #speechpathology #healthcare

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2 answers

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Bree’s Answer

It is possible!!
For many years, I did both! It’s easiest if you have a school position and then you can do PRN (as needed) in a hospital or nursing home setting either after school or on weekends. I would also fill in over the summer for SLPs vacations or when they called off. The great thing is the pay for PRN is great!!
Good luck!!

Thank you so much! I haven’t looked into PRN much but thanks to you, I now see that that may be a feasible option for me in the future! Again, thank you so much for the feedback :) Asya M.

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kathy’s Answer

I began my career as a SLP. If you desire to move out of the school setting and into healthcare, I would encourage you to transition at your earliest opportunity. PRN is a good idea; although unless you have some hospital experience ( swallowing studies, acute neurology, head injury protocols, etc), it might be difficult to work PRN and without any supervision. You might consider asking a SLP at a hospital near you to allow you to shadow him/her and begin to become acquainted with hospital work. Did you complete your CFY in school setting? I have found it is easier for ppl to transition from school setting to skilled nursing and then to acute hospitals.

Thank you for the response! I’m currently an undergrad so I haven’t come near completing my CFY, but I was just wondering what this process would look like. I will definitely look into skilled nursing/PRN as a possible alternative! Thank you so much :) Asya M.