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Asya Jul 25, 2020 521 views

Can you become a medical doctor and specialize in working with children and adults with special needs?

I have a brother with ASD, so I know how visits to the doctor can be vastly different if he is seeing a doctor that has experience being around someone with special needs versus seeing a doctor that does not have that background. As a result, I was wondering if there is such a thing as...

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Asya Jul 17, 2020 293 views

Can anyone shed light on what your experience has been like having a clinical doctoral degree for speech pathology? Since attaining your SLPD, have you experienced any differences in the treatment you receive as an SLP?

I just recently learned that there was such thing as an SLPD, so I was wondering if any current SLPs can attest to their thoughts on a speech pathologist getting their SLPD. What was the process like? Did this new degree bring any additional pros/cons to the job? Do you believe that the degree...

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Asya Jul 17, 2020 246 views

As an aspiring SLP, is it possible to simultaneously work as a medical SLP and a school-based SLP, or would it be more beneficial to do one before the other?

Hi! I’m very interested in working with those with special needs, though I’m also interested in working in a medical setting where I will be able to learn from other healthcare professionals while I work (hence my interest in both school-based and medical speech-language pathology). I was...

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Asya May 22, 2020 309 views

Are there any careers out there that combine speech-language pathology (SLP) and applied behavior analysis (ABA) ?

I’m extremely interested in becoming an SLP out of my interest in improving the communicative/throat-related functional abilities of individuals with special needs, but I also have an interest in helping individuals with special needs have an overall better quality of life through applied...