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Management Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Phoenix, Arizona
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Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela May 13, 2019 595 views

How would you describe the level of stress being a registered nurse bring on?

#nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Oct 08, 2019 826 views

What part about being a nurse's assisstant would you say is the most challenging?

My name is Ashley, I'm interested in becoming a CNA, I would like to know what are some challenges that come up while working in this field and have you ever felt discouraged about the career path you've chosen? #nursing #nurse #CNA #certifiednursesassisstant #medicine #healthcare...

DEANNA’s Avatar
DEANNA Jul 17, 2020 452 views

Advice for those entering the Healthcare field?

The healthcare field can be a very challenging place for anyone, and I was wondering is there any advice to keep me on the right track. #knowledge #july20 #healthcare

Asya’s Avatar
Asya Jul 17, 2020 534 views

As an aspiring SLP, is it possible to simultaneously work as a medical SLP and a school-based SLP, or would it be more beneficial to do one before the other?

Hi! I’m very interested in working with those with special needs, though I’m also interested in working in a medical setting where I will be able to learn from other healthcare professionals while I work (hence my interest in both school-based and medical speech-language pathology). I was...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 27, 2020 347 views

How do you become a nurse manager?

#nurse #Nursing

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 28, 2020 759 views

Which is better nursing or sonography?