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Is the criminal justice field hard to get in to?

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I was wondering because i would like to go into the criminal justice field as a forensic psychologist. #law #criminal-justice #forensics #fbi #criminal-law #college #legal

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Angela’s Answer

Being a forensic psychologist is exciting work and there is a great need for people who have specialized expertise in this area. In order to be a forensic psychologist, you would need to get a four year college degree and then complete a four year doctoral program in psychology. Some doctoral programs have specialty tracks in forensic psychology--mine did (http://www.williamjames.edu) While completing your graduate program, you would have opportunities to work in different training settings, such as prisons, inpatient hospitals, courts, juvenile detention centers, and outpatient clinics where offenders are evaluated and treated. Then when you complete your doctorate (which requires you to write a dissertation), you would then need to complete clinical work under supervision before obtaining a license as a psychologist. Forensic psychology is a specialty that requires additional training, experience, and supervision. Some states require additional certifications to complete court-ordered evaluations. But even trainees can perform evaluations (under supervision) with offenders to assess incompetence to stand trial and insanity. Forensic psychology trainees/fellows can also learn about other kinds of offenders, including juvenile offenders and sexual offenders. #forensicpsych #chasingthemind