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Office Manager/HR
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Fort Worth, Texas
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Josselyn Jul 03, 2021 338 views

Is working for yourself better than working for someone else


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Vicky Sep 20, 2016 914 views

Is it important to have connections and know how to network?

Hello! I'm a junior in High school and recently a guess speaker has come to our classroom to talk to us about the future careers and what's important. They spoke of networking a few times so I'd like to know just how much networking and connections would be to me. #networking #future-careers

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Gabi May 21, 2016 1067 views

Is the criminal justice field hard to get in to?

I was wondering because i would like to go into the criminal justice field as a forensic psychologist. #law #criminal-justice #forensics #fbi #criminal-law #college #legal