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Is it true that after BSc nursing we can get into MBBS with relaxation of 1 year?

I had done bsc nursing I want to enhance my edaucation in health department health mental-health-counseling community health hospital-and-health-care therapy july29

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3 answers

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Samuel’s Answer

Greetings and salutations! My name is Samuel Achiles. I am a recent graduate from California State University Dominguez Hills, with a major in kinesiology. I know that kinesiology is more or less related to the topic at hand, as it encompasses physical therapy, etc., but however, my major still works hand-in-hand with nursing. More often than not, nursing programs would require some prerequisites before you can get into MBBS. Since careers in kinesiology also falls under healthcare, chances are nursing may have similar prerequisites. So it would be likely that you should get in after about 1 or 2 years.

That is all my advice. Hope that this helps!

Thank you very much I found this information very helpful and it’s really very new to me.Now I will search mote about it but in future if I need to know more about it then please help me Inderjeet Singh

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Rupa’s Answer

Hey all..I am a gynaecologist from India under special circumstances they do waive off a America it differs from state body to state fsmb would be able to give you the right information
As far as knowledge wise after nursing you are well versed in many major medical situations so it’s always an advantage
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Thank you Inderjeet S. For asking but my opinion is, if you have al the resources that you need to push you to the next level I think relaxing is not the best option here because "Time lost is never again". I was of a view if you feel okay go straight to perusing your goal or at least rest for like two months then go for your MBBS