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What career paths could a major in sociology lead to, and what training do those jobs require?

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5 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

A degree in Sociology can be beneficial for roles in Social Work, Patient Advocates, Counseling and Human Resources. Look for opportunities to talk to people in the profession to understand what their daily responsibilities are so you can see if that matches your values and passions.

Jennifer recommends the following next steps:

Shadow someone in the profession

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Calvin’s Answer

Hi Sylvia,
You have received some great recommendations. I agree with all of them. One area that might be a bit different is Workplace strategy. This would mean that you would collaborate with workspace designers to create a space for human needs and best human experience possible. Something different, which your degree can definitely help with.

Best of luck!


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Bridget’s Answer

I think one of the benefits of majoring in Sociology is that there are many different career paths you can pursue with a Sociology degree. Understanding people and societies can be a very helpful skill in any role. In your Sociology courses, you will develop strong research and writing skills, data analysis, communication, etc., which are all really important and valuable in many careers. I majored in Sociology and worked in finance for a few years before switching to employee and community engagement.

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Jessica’s Answer

I also majored in sociology and some of the related jobs/industries to get with a sociology degree are:

-Law enforcement/probation
-Working with trauma populations
-Social work/adoption agencies
-Substance abuse or behavioral treatment centers
-School counselor

Getting a sociology degree can open the doors for other jobs like diversity and inclusion leaders or marketing. Each field has its own training, such as licensed social workers have to go through a certain number of hours of training before graduation.

Jessica recommends the following next steps:

Masters of Social Work
Volunteering at a treatment center or group home

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Mariah’s Answer

I majored in Sociology in college and these are some career paths.
Social work
Non profit
City planning
Human Resources

I chose the HR path.

Mariah recommends the following next steps:

Masters degree