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What does a typical day look like for a M.D. that is in their residency in the field of radiology?

Im currently a senior in high school and plan to follow a pre med track next year when I begin my undergraduate studies. After med school I plan to take part in a radiology residency program. doctor physician radiology radiologist hospital-and-health-care healthcare

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4 answers

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Kortnee’s Answer

Hello, Vanden!

I recommend you connect with a Radiologist in the field to learn more about their day-to-day responsibilities.

Best of luck with your education, professional, and personal endeavors!

Best regards,

Kortnee B.

Kortnee recommends the following next steps:

Meet with a Career Advisor at your institution to discuss internship opportunities in your field of interest.
Meet with a Faculty Advisor in your field of interests to learn about the every day role for Radiologist.
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Rachel’s Answer

I can give you the perspective of a surgeon who performs cases in the operating room. A typical week would include two days of clinic and three days of operating. At least one of those days would include taking ER call in which you would be available for surgical emergencies. In the morning, prior to clinic or the OR, you would round on your hospitalized patients and make sure they were doing well.On clinic days, instead of going to the operating room, you would report to your office and see patients to assess whether they need an operation or to check up on them after they have already received an operation.
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s’s Answer

My residency was decades ago, before the advent of CT, MRI and PET scanning. Things are different now. But they may be different for you than they are now, radiology is advancing so rapidly technology-wise.
I will describe how it was when I was a resident.
I spent a little over 3 years in the program.
We rotated through various disciplines: GI (gastrointestinal), cardiovascular, chest (chest x-rays, would now include chest CT scans), pediatrics, mammography, bones, etc.
You would spend your entire day in one particular field of endeavor.
I imagine residency programs are somewhat similar now in that regard.
But add CT and MRI (including MRI of the breast) and PET scanning.
Also interventional radiology.
I think most radiology residency programs are now 4 years.
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Richard’s Answer

Month long rotations specializing in each aspect of radiology. Pre-read the films, then go over the findings with an attending. Then while the attending tends to other duties, you will dictate the findings.