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Is it possible to Job shadow a pilot while in 7th grade?

I really want to be a commercial pilot and I am 12, and it has always been a dream to become a pilot. I live in Johannesburg (close to OR Tambo International airport) and I really want to study aeronautics, aviation, and my favorite subject is Geography. pilot aviation student airline-industry commercial-pilot

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4 answers

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Cheryl’s Answer

Hi Shannon! I work for United Airlines and I work with students visiting classrooms teaching them about careers in aviation. Due, to current travel restrictions it is not possible for us to do classroom or airport visits of any kind and will probably be put on an indefinite hold for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, due to cockpit security procedures in place commercial airline pilots cannot have visitors while in flight at any time. So this makes shadowing a pilot not possible. There are many pilots that would love to speak to you about their career and in the future maybe a possible visit to an airport to see FlightOps.

Cheryl recommends the following next steps:

Visit and visit the careers section we have informational videos our jobs and what a day in the life is like
Email someone who does your dream job to ask for information on their career
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Jason’s Answer

I live in the United States and our laws may be different. I can tell you that for my 12th birthday I got flying lessons. Not shadowing, but actual logged lessons on a Cessna. So I would say, yes you can absolutely do that. And remember, being a pilot is more than just flying. You could shadow the mechanic, tower, radio, etc.

The world will need pilots. Go for it!

Thank you, I really appreciate it Shannon M.

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jav’s Answer

Yes you can. Visit EAA.or and look for "Young Eagles" events near you. During these free events a pilot will take you flying for free, and they'll even let you handle the controls if you want. These events happen all the country all the time, here is the link:

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Dalton’s Answer

Hi Shannon!

As a private pilot in the US I can tell you that we do “discovery flights”. I have many friends who fly in South Africa and you can do the same. Look up flight schools in your area and see if you can do a discovery flight.