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How many years do you need to be in college to become a forensic scientist?

I am doing a report on forensic science but i need to know how many years i need to be in college... HELP! PLEASE!

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Hi Aubrey. That's a pretty simple question, so even though I'm not a forensic scientist, I took a look at the qualifications listed by the BLS and my local city and found the answer for you. There are three common points at which someone gets into forensic science: after a bachelor's degree (typically 4 years), after a master's degree (which is typically 2 additional years beyond a bachelor's degree), and after becoming a police officer. So the answer to your question is 4-6 years of post-secondary school depending on the candidate. ProTip: If you're doing a report, you should find your own sources and cite them. Good luck with your report, and your future!

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